Xobee combines Technology Consulting, Server and Workstation Management, a 24/7 Help Desk, and many of our Xobee|Cloud services into a purpose-built and highly efficient IT powerhouse called Xobee | 360.

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Discover our cost-effective Managed IT Support services. Use our cost calculator below to tailor your IT support needs and see how Xobee|360 can safeguard your technology infrastructure with a budget that's right for you. Benefit from our proactive IT management, expert help desk support, and innovative cloud services, all for a low, predictable, and flat monthly cost.

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*Pricing estimates are preliminary and subject to change. Final cost may be adjusted following a detailed analysis of your IT infrastructure during a free consultation.


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Xobee Networks is the #1 Managed Service Provider of innovative, cost-effective, and cutting-edge technology solutions in California. Through our wide range of services, we’ve helped thousands of businesses stay connected for over 27 years. We’re the tech experts, and our reputation proves it.

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