Mario Kart Tournament

Mario Kart Tournament

A fun single-elimination racing tournament on Mario Kart 8 for the Nintendo Switch. No prior experience needed to participate. Tournament races will take place during lunch periods in the Xobee conference room. Viewers are welcome to attend.

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$250 Cash Prize

+ 20 Xobee Coins

+ Custom Grand Prize Trophy

First Place Winner

$150 Cash Prize

+ 15 Xobee Coins

Second Place Winner

$100 Cash Prize

+ 10 Xobee Coins

Third Place Winner

Xobee Coins

Winners of every race during the tournament win Xobee Coins!

Event Information

Tournaments races will be held on the following days, starting March 12th:

  1. Tournament kickoff: Thursday, March 12th at 12:00PM in the Conference Room
  2. Ongoing tournament days: Every Thursday starting March 12th at 12:00PM in the Conference Room, as scheduling permits

Completion date of tournament depends on the speed at which the tournament rounds are completed – TBA

Tip: Download Mario Kart Tour for iOS or Android for a similar experience to practice!

Event Rules

  1. Head to head race against one other employee with a three-lap limit per race, four races total, in a Grand Prix scoring format.
  2. Single elimination bracket tournament, winners advance to next race in bracket to be held on a separate date.
  3. Participants that sign-up must be present at the requested date and time to participate.
  4. No-shows are immediately disqualified and the other player will advance in tournament.
  5. Due to time constraints, reschedules may be required if races run long.
  6. Tournament bracket rounds will progress through predefined map rotations.
  7. Third-place will be determined by another round between losers of semi-final race.
  8. Round one and two participants must use Mario and Luigi characters and default kart settings.
  9. Participants of the Quarterfinal race and on may customize their character and kart choices.

Tournament Bracket

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