Xobee Networks Acquires Palm Springs Tech Company

FRESNO, California (The Business Wire)

Xobee Networks, the premier Managed IT Support tech experts across California, is today announcing the acquisition of Interconnect Networks — a pioneer in technology solutions based in Palm Springs, California. Interconnect has been an oasis of trustworthy, fast, and affordable technology for clients within the Sonoran Desert for many years, and now is a cornerstone member of the Xobee Networks family of brands.

The acquisition of Interconnect enables Xobee to empower businesses and other organizations throughout the state by further extending technology services, cybersecurity, and network support to more businesses, nonprofits, and other organizations. With the advancement of the modern workforce, Xobee aims to equip companies with more efficient and cost-effective IT support solutions.

“We’re thrilled to welcome Interconnect to the Xobee team. Their expertise, experience, and strong commitment to clients will only strengthen our own company culture and capabilities as we continue to advance and grow our suite of technology solutions. We are excited to offer our services to a new region of clients within Palm Springs and be a gateway into affordable but effective technology solutions that they may previously have not had access to.” — Eric Rawn, Xobee Networks Founder & CEO

Xobee will work with Interconnect to enhance its services and capabilities in cybersecurity, managed support, cloud solutions, web design, and computer network maintenance and monitoring. With a client-first mentality, Xobee seeks to bring new and existing clients the most advanced and affordable technology solutions. This continues to further Xobee’s position as the leading provider of IT services and support that are both affordable and effective, no matter where you are.

About Xobee Networks

Xobee Networks, a Managed IT Service company, has thousands of clients throughout the state of California. Through Xobee’s wide range of technology services and exceptional customer support, Xobee makes technology a successful component for businesses and other organizations, at a price that is affordable.

Xobee Networks was founded by Eric Rawn as a single-person consulting firm in 1996. Eric was ranked one of the top 40 business leaders under the age of 40 in 2008 and is actively involved with other socially responsible organizations.

If you would like to schedule an interview with Eric Rawn, please contact him directly at 559-579-1400 x711 or e-mail at erawn@xobee.com.

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