Sow success with Xobee Networks’ cost-effective and secure virtual cloud solution for your Famous Software, cultivating user-friendly success with expertise from California’s leading tech experts.

✓ No Contract ︱ ✓ Easy Setup ︱ ✓ Fixed Pricing

Plans starting at

$ 85 per user
per month


You bring your own Famous Software server licensing – We’ll provide the infrastructure

We built our cloud on state of the art technologies so you don’t have to. We removed the headache of servers and infrastructure so you can focus on what is important to you; your business. Our scalable cloud is able to provide infrastructure for one user or 10,000 users. We offer fully managed cloud servers to run your business or dedicated computer time if you just need to expand your onsite infrastructure.

Famous brings a new level of collaboration, enabling teams to work together seamlessly from anywhere in the world — provided there’s an Internet connection.
With Famous, your server is in safe hands; ensuring the highest uptime and reduced hardware failure downtimes.
Embrace Famous and eliminate the need for in-house servers, thus saving on hardware costs, maintenance fees, and upgrade expenses.
Our Level 3 datacenter, equipped with 3-factor authentication, provides robust security for your data against physical theft, fire, and vandalism.
Host your cloud servers in our advanced datacenters, where ECC memory, enterprise storage, and complete end-to-end power and data redundancy are standard.
Simultaneous access fosters improved collaboration and productivity among employees, enabling them to work on projects together in real-time, regardless of geographical differences.

Fully managed

We build every tenant environment on demand to meet your exact needs. Our engineers will work with you to customize your environment to meet your needs and ensure your business’ success.

Simple pricing

The Famous Cloud Service includes everything you need to run your business, including Virtual Desktop, Anti-Virus and Cyber Security Monitoring, Office365 Email and Apps, Daily Backup and much more.

✓ No Contract ︱ ✓ Easy Setup ︱ ✓ Fixed Pricing

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