Off the Clock Work Prohibited Policy

The Company strictly prohibits non-exempt employees from working off-the-clock, including any preparatory and/or conclusory work at the beginning and end of the employee’s shift. The term “off-the-clock work” means time which an employee did not, for whatever reason, track on the Company’s timekeeping system compensable time such as hours worked or on-duty time. The Company requires employees to track your hours worked and on-duty time because it wants to fully and promptly compensate you in accordance with all applicable laws. Employees may not perform any work off-the-clock and must record their time at work accurately. It is the employee’s responsibility to clock in and clock out for every work period the employee works. Employees may not begin working until they have clocked in and may not do any work after they have clocked out. Working “off-the-clock” for any reason is a violation of Company policy.

Report and Correct Off-the-Clock WorkAll work must be performed while the employee is clocked in, such as at the beginning of work, before beginning the employee’s meal period(s), after ending the employee’s meal period(s), and at the conclusion of work. If any non-exempt employee believes that the employee was required to work off-the-clock, was not provided sufficient time to conduct preparatory and/or conclusory work, forgot to clock in or out, believes time records were not recorded accurately, or any other timekeeping issue, the affected employee must advise the Company of such occurrence immediately; it will otherwise be presumed that all worktime is properly recorded. You must complete the form entitled “Employee Time Record Notice” immediately and submit it to the Human Resources Manager whenever you have any issues related to recording your work time.

Working “off-the-clock” for any reason is a violation of Company policy and employees violating this policy will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.

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