Our VoIP service offers state of the art connectivity with complete customization. It can be as basic, or robust, as your needs require. Our flat rate pricing model provides cost stability with no initial investment. Let us create a complete and powerful communications system for you.

VoIP phone hardware

In the past, IP based phone systems have only been available to ultra-large corporations (Microsoft, GM, IBM, etc.), but with the convergence of technology and cost-effectiveness, these systems are now available to small and medium size businesses. With VoIP, businesses are able to lower costs and increase communication by consolidating their Internet and voice communication service with one company. VoIP is changing the way we use our phones – call us today for a no-cost onsite demonstration.

Yealink SIP-T48S

Ultra-elegant business IP phone

The SIP-T48S is a dynamic business communications solution for professionals. This phone offers a large touch screen that makes switching between applications swift, easy and convenient.

Yealink SIP-T46S

High-end color screen business IP phone

The SIP-T46S IP Phone is the ultimate communications tool for busy executives and professionals.

Yealink CP960

HD IP conference phone

The Yealink CP960 is an enterprise-grade conference phone for mid-and-large-sized meeting rooms. With the outstanding speakerphone elements, the CP960 sets new standards for sound quality and immerses conference participants in every discussion.

Yealink W60P

Premium Wireless DECT IP Phone

The Yealink W60P Wireless DECT IP Phone is a premium phone designed with robust hardware, ideal for businesses that require greater capability to handle a heavy call load.

Flat rate pricing – Unlimited minutes

$30per month

* Note: Per line pricing is available when more cost effective. Some equipment costs may apply. *

* Continental US and Canada, plus Hawaii.

  • Unlimited Local and Long Distance**
  • Voicemail to Email (MP3/WAV)
  • Music on Hold
  • Extension Dialing
  • Transfer Calls
  • Ring Your Cell Phone Simultaneously
  • Priority Ringing
  • Do Not Disturb Button
  • Call Forwarding (touch of a button)
  • Dial From Your Outlook Program
  • Auto Attendant (press 1 for Sales, etc)
  • and more…

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