5 Easy Ways to Spot Phishing Scams in the Era of AI

FRESNO, California – Cody Sarhan, Communications Specialist

Every click counts when it comes to email security. Phishing remains a prevalent cyber threat, but the incorporation of Generative AI into cybercriminal toolkits has changed the game. Cybercriminals now harness the power of large language models to craft emails that mirror legitimate communications in astonishing detail, making traditional signs of phishing — like poor grammar and odd formatting — less reliable as red flags​.

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Understanding AI-Enhanced Phishing

Generative AI tools have revolutionized phishing tactics by enabling attackers to replicate the writing style of trusted contacts and create context-relevant, persuasive messages that are harder to distinguish from genuine communications​​. This technology not only increases the effectiveness of phishing attempts but also boosts the scale, allowing scammers to launch targeted attacks more broadly and efficiently. They can even leverage AI to mimic voices over the phone.

“Scammers can utilize AI to mimic the voices of relatives or friends, attempting to deceive individuals into providing financial assistance or divulging sensitive information.”Dr. Klaus Schenk of Verimatrix

Spotting Phishing Emails

To adapt to these advanced threats, it’s crucial to fine-tune our vigilance. Here are updated tips to help you identify phishing attempts, especially in the era of AI.

1. Check for subtleties

Although AI can perfect grammar and style, some subtle cues might still give it away. Look for unusual requests or inconsistencies in the email that don’t quite align with previous communications from the sender​.

2. Scrutinize the source

Examine the sender’s email address carefully for minor anomalies or deviations from the standard email addresses you recognize​.

3. Verify links and attachments

Always hover over any links without clicking to see if the URL directs you to a legitimate site. Be wary of unexpected attachments, which remain a common phishing tactic​.

4. Look for the hallmarks of a scam

Common indicators of a scam are grammatical errors, urgency, pressure to act, requests for sensitive information, unexpected attachments or links, and generic greetings. While AI has cleaned up a lot of the grammar, and “strange English”, there are still telltale signs that don’t completely convey how an average person, or more specifically, an average person in America would speak.

5. Enhanced verification

Contact the supposed sender through a different communication channel to confirm the legitimacy of any suspicious or unexpected request​. Always vet and authenticate through secondary and trusted channels, like a phone call or a link on their official website you Googled.

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Cody Sarhan | Communications Specialist, Xobee Networks

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