Xobee Networks Acquires Palm Springs Tech Company

Xobee Networks Acquires Palm Springs Tech Company

FRESNO, California (Business Wire)

Xobee Networks, the premier Managed IT Support tech experts across California, is today announcing the acquisition of Interconnect Networks — a pioneer in technology solutions based in Palm Springs, California. Interconnect has been an oasis of trustworthy, fast, and affordable technology for clients within the Sonoran Desert for many years, and now is a cornerstone member of the Xobee Networks family of brands.

The acquisition of Interconnect enables Xobee to empower businesses and other organizations throughout the state by further extending technology services, cybersecurity, and network support to more businesses, nonprofits, and other organizations. With the advancement of the modern workforce, Xobee aims to equip companies with more efficient and cost-effective IT support solutions.

“We’re thrilled to welcome Interconnect to the Xobee team. Their expertise, experience, and strong commitment to clients will only strengthen our own company culture and capabilities as we continue to advance and grow our suite of technology solutions. We are excited to offer our services to a new region of clients within Palm Springs and be a gateway into affordable but effective technology solutions that they may previously have not had access to.” — Eric Rawn, Xobee Networks Founder & CEO

Xobee will work with Interconnect to enhance its services and capabilities in cybersecurity, managed support, cloud solutions, web design, and computer network maintenance and monitoring. With a client-first mentality, Xobee seeks to bring new and existing clients the most advanced and affordable technology solutions. This continues to further Xobee’s position as the leading provider of IT services and support that are both affordable and effective, no matter where you are.

About Xobee Networks

Xobee Networks, a Managed IT Service company, has thousands of clients throughout the state of California. Through Xobee’s wide range of technology services and exceptional customer support, Xobee makes technology a successful component for businesses and other organizations, at a price that is affordable.

Xobee Networks was founded by Eric Rawn as a single-person consulting firm in 1996. Eric was ranked one of the top 40 business leaders under the age of 40 in 2008 and is actively involved with other socially responsible organizations.

If you would like to schedule an interview with Eric Rawn, please contact him directly at 559-579-1400 x711 or e-mail at erawn@xobee.com.

Record Lawsuits Filed in California for Websites Not Being ADA Compliant

Record Lawsuits Filed in California for Websites Not Being ADA Compliant

FRESNO, California – Cody Sarhan, Communications Specialist

California small businesses are being sued more than all other US states combined over their websites not being ADA compliant. Due to a combination of state tax laws and a general lack of business awareness, law firms are capitalizing on the opportunity to file lawsuits against companies whose websites lack certain web accessibilities.

Learn more: How Xobee can ensure your website stays ADA compliant

Any member of the public is well within their rights to use the accessibility legislation that exists as part of the ADA to argue that their needs are not being met by a company or public organization. Additionally, law firms are becoming increasingly efficient at targeting small businesses.

“There are thousands of lawsuits filed each year alleging websites and mobile applications are not coded so that they are accessible to individuals who are blind.” — Kristina Launey, Seyfarth Shaw litigator

Source: Seyfarth Shaw analysis, February 2022

Settlements range from $20,000 to $100,000 and average around $35,000. There were 265,000 demand letters sent out last year alone, with nearly 50% of lawsuits filed coming from just five different law firms.

Source: Report by UsableNet Inc

“Companies with revenue below $50 million were the targets of two-thirds of lawsuits between Jan. 1 and June 21, a shift from the year-earlier period, when the share was less than half” Ann-Marie Alcántara, Wall Street Journal Reporter

What is Website ADA Compliance?

Web accessibility is a set of rules, behaviors, code standards and design guidelines that allow people with disabilities — which comprise 20% of the world’s population — to effectively use websites. To achieve this, the W3C (The World Wide Web Consortium) has created the “Web Content Accessibility Guidelines” 2.1 (WCAG 2.1), which are meant to explain and guide developers on how to make websites accessible.

These guidelines have been adopted by governments around the world and are now a part of various legislations, such as the ADA, Section 508, EN 301549, and others. Businesses with websites that are not WCAG compliant are at risk of costly web accessibility lawsuits. Read on to learn why and how.

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Xobee Web Accessibility Compliance Protects You

In the physical world, there’s a clear framework set by time, experience, legislation, and precedent. But the internet is evolving at a rate that is difficult to keep up with for some companies. That’s where an MSP like Xobee can help. Through our experience, expertise, and specialized focus we can help protect your business so you can focus on your clients and customers.

Xobee’s web accessibility compliance service is the only solution that ensures full accessibility compliance at any given time, even on websites with daily updates.

Click here: Contact one of our highly-skilled team members to learn more

We can add our tool to most website platforms including WordPress, Wix, Joomla, Shopify, and more – even if we didn’t build it!

Xobee Networks now has engineers servicing clients within Fresno, Clovis, Madera, San Jose, Sacramento, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Las Vegas, Bakersfield, San Diego, San Luis Obispo, Anaheim, and Palm Springs. If you wish to learn more about our services, contact a team member here.

Cody Sarhan | Communications Specialist, Xobee Networks

Firewall: How California Leads the Nation in Cyberattack Mitigation

Firewall: How California Leads the Nation in Cyberattack Mitigation

FRESNO, California – Cody Sarhan, Communications Specialist

Over the past five years, California businesses have led the nation in data breach incidents From 2017-2021, more than 3.7 billion dollars in lost revenue can be attributed to poor cybersecurity, according to a recently released report from Forbes. California nearly doubled the next closest state in both data breaches and lost revenue, and the number is only expected to go up.

I implore all entities that house confidential health-related information to be vigilant and take steps now to protect patient data before a potential cyberattack.” — California Attorney General Rob Bonta

The most targeted form of cyberattacks in California came from bad actors compromising email accounts — costing 14,925 victims more than $1.18 billion in lost revenue.

Learn more: How Xobee can protect your email account

Small Businesses Have the Most to Lose

In 2021 businesses suffered 50% more cyberattack attempts per week, with 43% of those attacks being aimed at small and medium-sized businesses, according to Accenture’s Cost of Cybercrime Study.

While many large businesses suffered breaches, small and medium businesses were an easier target for hackers because of their lack of resources and security expertise.” Chuck Brooks, Global Thought Leader in Cybersecurity and Emerging Tech

Source: Check Point Software

Business Cyber Threats by the Numbers

Ponemon Institute’s State of Cybersecurity Report details the most recent and compromising cyberattacks on small to medium-sized businesses.

  • Insufficient security measures: 45% say that their processes are ineffective at mitigating attacks.
  • Frequency of attacks: 66% have experienced a cyberattack in the past 12 months.
  • Background of attacks: 69% say that cyberattacks are becoming more targeted.

The most common types of attacks on small businesses include:

  • Phishing/Social Engineering: 57%
  • Compromised/Stolen Devices: 33%
  • Credential Theft: 30%

2022 & Beyond

Due to the advancement of the modern economy; remote working, e-commerce, and the need for digital infrastructure protecting both your employees and your clients has never been more paramount. Couple that with the ongoing issues caused by climate change, the pandemic, and supply chain bottlenecks, the smallest wrinkle in your cybersecurity can cripple your business.

“2021 saw unprecedented levels of disruption, caused by various triggers. Crippling cyber-attacks, the supply chain impact from many climate change-related weather events, as well as pandemic-related manufacturing problems and transport bottlenecks wreaked havoc.” AGCS CEO Joachim Mueller.

Joachim Mueller summarizes by saying, “Business interrupted’ will likely remain the key underlying risk theme in 2022. Building resilience against the many causes of business interruption is increasingly becoming a competitive advantage for companies.”

How to Maintain Your Competitive Advantage

One of the first things to keep in mind when trying to gain a competitive advantage as a company, is the idea of futureproofing that advantage. With a constantly changing economic and technological landscape, a sustainable advantage takes diligence and a firm pulse on industry shifts — that’s where Xobee comes in.

We keep a sharp eye on industry standards and emerging technologies to help better serve our clients. By being on the cutting edge of these technological advancements, we can help build better systems for our clients — no matter if we’re converting an older system or creating a fully tailored solution for our clients’ specific needs.

Learn more: The Xobee service benefits

How Xobee Can Protect You

On top of the increase in cyberattacks, there’s the ongoing battle against supply chain disruptions, the aforementioned data breaches, and more. One of the top priorities for companies is ensuring that their businesses remain weatherproof, as climate change and natural disasters continue to devastate large regions of the country and the rest of the world.

Learn more: How Xobee can protect your data from wildfires, hurricanes, winter storms and more

One of the best and most effective ways of protecting yourself is by having a proper disaster recovery solution in place in the event of total data loss. Hurricane Ian is the most recent example of such catastrophic loss.

“Previous once-in-a-century-events may well occur more frequently in future and also in regions which were considered ‘safe’ in the past. Both buildings and business continuity planning need to become more robust in response,”Maarten van der Zwaag, Global Head of Liability Risk Consulting at AGCS

With all this said, cyber perils are still the biggest risk and worry for companies globally in 2022, according to the Allianz Risk Barometer. The increasing reports of cyberattacks, ransomware, data breaches, and major IT outages continue to set back businesses and whole industries. These threats, according to many experts, outnumber the damages and costs from supply chain disruptions, natural disasters, and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic — which have all continued to heavily affect businesses in the past year.

We at Xobee are committed to protecting clients’ data, taking proactive measures against cyberattacks, and safeguarding our clients’ infrastructure in the event of a natural disaster. To learn more about how we can protect you from these ongoing threats, contact one of our team members today.

Xobee Networks now has engineers servicing clients within Fresno, Clovis, Madera, San Jose, Sacramento, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Las Vegas, Bakersfield, San Diego, San Luis Obispo, Anaheim, and Palm Springs.

Cody Sarhan | Communications Specialist, Xobee Networks

Increasing Solar Storms Are Putting Your Data at Risk

Increasing Solar Storms Are Putting Your Data at Risk

FRESNO, California – Cody Sarhan, Communications Specialist

Over the past few months, there’s been a high increase in solar activity that has drastically interrupted communications and technologies here on Earth. On July 19th, Dr. Tamitha Skov — who has worked with NASA and The Weather Channel — reported on a solar flare that impacted the Earth-strike zone, causing radio blackouts and GPS disruptions for several hours on many parts of the planet as it interacted with Earth’s magnetic field. 

“Direct hit! A snake-like filament launched as a big #solarstorm while in the Earth-strike zone…” — Dr. Tamitha Skov, Space Weather Physicist

This is not the first time this has happened of course, not even the first time this year. In April and May, Live Science reported that two solar flares caused R3 blackouts over the Atlantic Ocean, Australia, and Asia. This has been an increasing occurrence, and astronomers expect that it’s only going to get worse. Sunspot AR3038, as it’s known, is a massive solar eruption that astronomers have been watching for the past few weeks. It was expected to die off, but it’s grown three times larger and is facing the earth. If a massive solar storm hit us today, like the one in 1989, then scientists warn us that it could cause trillions of dollars in damage and trigger widespread blackouts.

Protect Your Data

These solar eruptions can cause massive geomagnetic storms that can be crippling to our technologies and infrastructure. SpaceX reported in February that they lost 40 Starlink satellites as a result of a geomagnetic storm, and Live Science reports that the next solar storm could send our world into an internet apocalypse that “keeps large swaths of society offline for weeks or months at a time”.

Magnetic lines of force surrounding Earth known as the magnetosphere deflecting solar wind and radiation from the Sun. Elements of this image furnished by NASA.

Move your data off-site in the event of a catastrophic event like a geomagnetic storm. We at Xobee built our cloud on state-of-the-art technologies. We remove on-site servers and infrastructure, so your data is protected with us in the event that you lose everything. Your cloud servers reside in our server clusters in our Level 3 data centers. Our infrastructure runs on ECC memory, enterprise tiered storage, redundant power, and redundant data from end to end. This cost-effective at-rest backup solution requires no additional onsite hardware and utilizes your existing Veeam installation. In as little as ten minutes, your business can be on its way towards being protected against solar threats, and others. 

Secure Off-Site, In Case You Go Offline

The scariest part about all of this is that we really have no safeguards in place to prevent this from happening or to deal with it effectively. Sangeetha Abdu Jyothi, an assistant professor at the University of California, Irvine wrote in her research paper, “A disruption lasting even a few minutes can lead to huge losses for service providers and damages in cyber-physical systems.”

“What really got me thinking about this is that with the pandemic we saw how unprepared the world was. There was no protocol to deal with it effectively, and it’s the same with internet resilience.” — Sangeetha Abdu Jyothi

Events like the coronavirus pandemic are known as “black swan events” an unpredictable catastrophic event with severe and widespread consequence, that are often inappropriately rationalized after the fact with the benefit of hindsight. Abdu Jyothi goes on to say that Internet researchers and operators are “mostly blind to another black swan event that poses a direct threat to Internet infrastructure.”  She notes that this black swan event is something that the scientific community is generally aware of, with predictive modeling efforts and precautionary measures such as power grids. However, she goes on to detail that the networking community has largely overlooked this vulnerability during the design of network topology and geo-distributed systems such as DNS and data centers. This means that even if power returns in hours or days, mass internet outages can persist for weeks or months at a time.

“Nations at high latitudes — such as the U.S. and the U.K. — are far more susceptible to solar weather than nations at lower latitudes. In the event of a catastrophic geomagnetic storm, it’s those high-latitude nations that are most likely to be cut off from the network first.”  Brandon Specktor, Senior Writer, Live Science

The Microsoft Azure Global Network

What Can You Do?

The short answer: BE PREPARED. This is not over. Solar activity rises and falls in 11-year cycles. This is something that astronomers have observed, studied, and documented for centuries. We’re currently in year 2 of that 11-year cycle, and the sun’s solar activity is only going to get stronger until it reaches its peak in 2025 (known as solar maximum) at which point it will start to fall again. So, while we might not have a protocol for how to handle these events when they occur, we can certainly predict them and prepare for them. 

What that means for you is to not just back up your data, but protect your data. Safeguard your assets in the event of a total blackout or loss of infrastructure. We here at Xobee can help you with that. Feel secure knowing your off-site data is stored on an enterprise-grade NetApp storage system. Our scalable cloud server hosting is able to provide infrastructure for one user or 10,000 users, and we take the complexity and cost out of deploying a secure off-site backup and disaster recovery solution for any and all of your data.  You don’t want to be caught off-guard and feel like you could have done something when the next solar eruption strikes Earth’s magnetic field. So secure and backup your data with us and get peace of mind knowing that you’re in safe hands with the #1 voted MSP in California.

Xobee Networks now has engineers servicing clients within Fresno, Clovis, Madera, San Jose, Sacramento, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Las Vegas, Bakersfield, San Diego, San Luis Obispo, Anaheim, and Palm Springs. If you wish to learn more about our services, contact a team member here.

Cody Sarhan | Communications Specialist, Xobee Networks

Xobee + ZAPtech: A Partnership to Power Nonprofits

Xobee + ZAPtech: A Partnership to Power Nonprofits


FRESNO, California – Cody Sarhan, Communications Specialist

In Xobee’s ongoing curation of talent and technology, we’ve acquired ZAPtech Solutions within our Xobee Network family of brands. We’re thrilled to announce this new way forward with ZAPtech, whose been the choice for nonprofit technology solutions in Southern California for more than three decades.

“By partnering with ZAPtech, Xobee is able to focus and dedicate more resources to our clients in the nonprofit space. With ZAPtech’s history, we’ve gained insight into the unique and in-depth interworking technologies that these organizations need to succeed in their mission.” – Eric Rawn, Xobee Founder & CEO

Serving Los Angeles, Bay Area, & The Central Valley

As a provider of computer network support, web design, application development, and other technology services, ZAPtech has served major nonprofit organizations for over three decades. With Xobee behind it, ZAPtech will be able to bring a suite of new technologies to organizations from Los Angeles to San Francisco and beyond.

Free VoIP Phone Service with Managed Support

With Managed Support, nonprofits will benefit from our customizable, state-of-the-art VoIP Phone Service, free of charge. This, in addition to our other services, is just one way we’re able to give back to the community by offering cost-effective solutions for the ever-changing technological landscape.

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About Xobee Networks?

When Xobee Networks was founded by Eric Rawn as a single-person consulting firm in 1996, the goal was to bring clients technology that was efficient and effective in their organization while maintaining a price that is affordable.

Now two decades later, and nearly 70 people stronger, that mission has never wavered. Xobee serves businesses of all sizes in Southern California, the Central Valley and Bay Area. With ZAPtech, we will bring that same level of commitment to countless nonprofits in service to your mission forward; maintaining your values; managing your goals and powering your people.

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Empowering Your Workforce

With a scalable and tailored solution, our focus is to provide all our clients with 100% availability and satisfaction. By partnering with an experienced technology advisor, we will empower your workforce to enable you to focus on your mission and your cause. No matter the need and no matter the time, we are here to put the technology to work for you so you can achieve your goals and drive your values.

Xobee Networks now has engineers servicing clients within Fresno, Clovis, Madera, San Jose, Sacramento, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Las Vegas, Bakersfield, San Diego, San Luis Obispo, Anaheim, and Palm Springs. If you wish to learn more about our services, contact a team member here.

Cody Sarhan | Communications Specialist, Xobee Networks

Eric Rawn Profiled in The Business Journal

Eric Rawn Profiled in The Business Journal

The following profile appeared in The Business Journal on Friday, April 4, 2008.

What led you to start Xobee Networks?

In a person’s life, you sometimes come across a fork in the road. My fork was three-pronged, which included going into the film industry as a movie director, becoming a musician (I play about a half dozen different musical instruments) or going into technology/computers. Luckily, I had the opportunity to set my goals early in high school, where I realized that I could best succeed at what I was best at – computers.

In the beginning, I was fortunate enough to work for one of the largest law firms in the valley as their IT Manager, where I was allowed to build and grow my company while maintaining their systems at the same time. Since 1996, we’ve averaged two new positions at Xobee each year.

What is your essential business philosophy?

At Xobee we have two main business philosophies that work well and are equally important. The first is to provide the best and most knowledgeable service to our clients. With a 24 hour technical help desk and direct access to our techs via cell phone and email, we have setup an efficient support service which has worked extremely well for us over the years. I’ve been able to build a service-driven business that can grow exponentially without affecting the quality of service we provide for our clients.

I also strongly believe that our employees are the most valuable asset, which we allow to work in one of the best environments in Fresno. Not only do we provide them with all of the standard benefits, such as health insurance, cell phone usage for personal use and plenty of vacation days but also out-of-the-box benefits. Some of these include a company-paid personal gas card, unlimited drinks and snacks from the kitchen and a monthly prize wheel competition held throughout the month (similar to Wheel of Fortune), which employees spin to determine the prize.

Keeping both our clients and employees happy is really what has helped us become successful in today’s competitive job market.

What are your goals for your business?

Every year, our goals seem to change slightly. Our primary goal currently is focusing on proactive support and service for our clients. We work hard to make sure we utilize technology to its fullest to ensure our clients can do the same. The goals we set ultimately help our clients. The higher standards we have, the better service we can provide.

Who or what inspires you?

My ability to help others with technology inspires me. Whether it is the most advanced and state-of-the-art or simply part of their daily work, providing others with the secret key to making technology work for them is rewarding. Often times, a computer is used as a typewriter to get tasks done. It is satisfying when we can turn the technology into more that can help increase the bottom line and allow the user to become more efficient in their daily responsibilities.

What was your first job and how did you learn from it?

My first job was at Wendy’s in Clovis, shortly after graduating from Clovis West high school in 1994. I worked there for almost two years and found that most of what I learned were the basics of life and business. I realized the value of a dollar, the hierarchy of management structure and most importantly, the power of delegating tasks. Delegating is the key to growing a business. Choosing the right employees to delegate to is often difficult, but I believe the right combination between the two is what sets a successful company apart from the rest.

What don’t we know about Xobee Networks that we should?

Xobee Networks is more than a company that fixes computer issues – we provide solutions to problems. Everyone wants to pay less for telecommunications, we have answers. Need to get more productivity from your employees through technology, we know how. Our client’s company data is important and ensuring that it is secure from hackers, theft, fire or corruption is vital… we provide the solutions. Our main priority is ensuring clients have the right information to allow them to make informed decisions, at no cost – always has been, always will.

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