Case Study: The Garabedian Group

About The Garabedian Group

The Garabedian Group is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) firm that believes in the big picture when it comes to your finances. They work to satisfy your personal or professional financial consulting, accounting, and advisory needs.

The Problem

In 2015, The Garabedian Group asked Xobee to investigate ways they could replace their aging terminal server environment. Since they worked primarily in a terminal-based environment, their growth as a company had caused their current system to exhibit significant slowdown. The pronounced slowness was beginning to affect productivity, and it was clear that a new system was needed. As a Certified Public Accountant, The Garabedian Group’s employee’s are frequently working from outside the office and needed a stable, 24/7 platform that they could log into remotely from a moment’s notice. They would also need a platform that would allow them to grow if future events required it.

Armed with information, Xobee proposed a cloud-based, terminal server environment using Windows 2012. A system of five interconnected cloud servers formed the backbone of a state-of-the-art server cluster. Beyond just the servers themselves being more powerful, the centerpiece of the proposal was that the servers would be using Microsoft’s Load Balancing technology, which would allow multiple terminal servers to work in tandem to balance the number of users and prevent either server from getting too overloaded. When a user connected, the system would automatically connect it to the terminal server that had more resources available. Since the load-balancing happened on the backend, the user’s experience would be totally seamless. Most of all, if The Garabedian Group decided to expand to the point where two terminal servers were no longer adequate, it would be easy to just simply add an additional server to the cluster to handle the additional load.

The Solution

Once the proposal was agreed on, Xobee took the lead, planning the project from beginning to end so that it fit into the TGG’s busy schedule. As a CPA firm, the timing was especially important. Their employees could not have significant periods of downtime during the week, in order to meet crucial federal filing deadlines. From day one, Xobee made sure that there would be no software compatibility problems, checked to make sure their data would be protected and insured that there would be as few problems as possible on the cutover day. Special care was taken to ensure that The Garabedian Group was informed at every step of the process so that there were no surprises. Xobee worked day and night to ensure that everything was ready for a smooth and seamless transition.

Once implemented, the server cluster exceeded everyone’s expectations. The Garabedian Group was provided with a state of the art solution that was fast, easy to maintain, secure and user-friendly. Productivity has increased now that users don’t have to deal with a sluggish server! Since the servers are all cloud based, the costs of maintaining physical servers on site were no longer needed, resulting in considerable reductions in energy costs. The Garabedian Group could proceed confidently knowing that their IT infrastructure was ready and stable for the foreseeable future.

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