Case Study: Kona Hills

About Kona Hills, LLC

Kona Hills is a large-scale Kona coffee farming operation managed by a consortium of experienced Kona coffee farmers, large scale agricultural/coffee farmers and institutional investors with extensive worldwide agricultural experience.

Kona, Reimagined

At the beginning of the project, Kona Hills was a startup operation with a name, a team of coffee growing experts that share a passion for quality Kona coffee, and a vision for a reimagined Kona coffee. Xobee met with the client to discuss the design and technical requirements for the overall project which included the following services:

Client Testimonial

Logo & Branding Design

Kona Hills has set out to reimagine Kona coffee with the goal of driving the first innovative approach in Kona coffee farming in 60 years by creating a sustainable, large-scale Kona coffee experience. The vision behind the brand is to be “a rising star” in the Kona coffee industry. This was our inspiration for the logo and branding design project, which serves as the focal point for the entire brand. It was important to our team to design a style that gives a sense of the Aloha Spirit.

Marketing Services

As with any startup, making your brand known to the public plays a critical role in the success of the company or organization. Kona Hills needed to market to three distinct audiences; coffee roasters for B2B sales of coffee products, local growers on the island for purchasing cherries, and to the local community to convey their devotion to local conservation and jobs. Each of these audiences presented unique requirements and challenges. Xobee continues to work with Kona Hills’ team to craft print and digital advertising designs for a range of marketing campaigns including (but not limited to) banners, flyers, signage, soft goods and postcards.

Website Design & Development

The marketing campaign efforts directed interested parties to the Kona Hills website which Xobee designed, developed and maintains. Our team of designers and front-end developers crafted a beautiful and informative website using the WordPress content management system and featuring a fully mobile-responsive design. Xobee provides ongoing website maintenance and support.

Coffee Growing ERP Web Application

Xobee developed a custom Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) web application for Kona Hills. This application provides their staff with powerful business tools to manage the coffee buying process from local growers, product tracking through the receiving, wet milling, dry milling, shipping and inventory management processes. This application controls the entire life cycle of the client’s products, and plays a pivotal role in the business operations.

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