The Xobee Games

Let the games begin!

Xobee will be hosting fun activities throughout the year allowing you to take on your fellow colleagues in various challenges, tournaments and contests. The glory of victory and cash prizes await! Check back for updates on ongoing tournaments as well as announcements for new activities.

Mario Kart Tournament

Starting Thursday, March 12th
A fun video game racing tournament on Mario Kart 8 for the Nintendo Switch. All skill levels welcome.

  • Single elimination bracket
  • Weekly head-to-head races against an opponent
  • Cash prizes for tournament winners!

Mini Putt Contest

Tuesday, March 17th
An office mini putt challenge of accuracy.

  • Are your putting skills up for the challenge?
  • Putt a golf ball to a target for score – The player with the highest score wins
  • Cash prizes for winners!

Nerf Gun Contest

Tuesday, April 14th
Test your Nerf Gun accuracy with this fun dart gun shooting challenge.

  • A test of accuracy and speed
  • Shoot more darts at the bullseye than your challengers
  • Cash prizes for winners!

Paper Airplane Contest

Tuesday, May 12th
Craft your best paper plane built for distance in this fun competition!

  • A timed plane-crafting challenge
  • Top 3 distances win
  • Cash prizes for winners!
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