Email Protection

Email has become the primary communication channel for many businesses. Xobee understands the requirement for trusted, safe, and secure email delivery. We go beyond simply blocking spam and deliver a trusted email communication service to your business.

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  • Spam Protection
  • Virus Protection
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Block Spam & Viruses Before They Reach Your Network

Leverage the power of the Xobee Cloud. Our server farms do the heavy lifting so that your network only processes messages worth your time.

State of the Art

Threats from email have moved beyond simple annoyances. Advanced malware and viruses now thrive via unprotected email servers and their clients. Make yourself immune to these threats with Xobee’s Email Protection service.


Immediate Results

Unlike many platforms, Xobee’s Email Protection requires no “training” to deliver effective protection. Upon activation, you will see an immediate reduction in spam and be protected from email-based security threats.

No Hardware or Software

No matter the size of your organization, we are able to deliver enterprise-grade protection to every mailbox. By combining the power and reliability of the Xobee Cloud, our services are available 24/7 and never need to be taken offline for maintenance.


Email Protection is included with Xobee’s Hosted Exchange service

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Quarantine Mailboxes






Outlook Plugin




DoS Attack Protection


Whitelists & Blacklists

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