Keep the benefits of Exchange, lose the headaches of a server


Xobee’s Hosted Microsoft Exchange gives offices all the features of a full corporate Microsoft Exchange installation, without the cost of a physical server and licensing.

per user
per month

  • Desktop & Mobile Email
  • Shared Calendars
  • Shared Documents
  • Shared Contacts

What is Hosted Microsoft Exchange?

It allows users to collaborate with shared calendars, notes, and by syncing contacts, calendars, and email to cell phones. It is always online and accessible anywhere in the world via the Internet, a computer, or a phone.

Desktop & Mobile Email

Never be apart from your email with mobile Hosted Exchange, fully compatible with Outlook on all of your devices.

Shared Calendars

Share calendar information and view multiple calendars simultaneously to find shared availability and send meeting request with your Hosted Exchange account.

Shared Documents

Save files from Microsoft Office applications directly to SharePoint Document Management, which creates an instant backup and makes it possible to collaborate.

Shared Contacts

With all contacts and distribution lists in central company directory, you can share throughout your organization with an Exchange Server.

Guaranteed Uptime

Xobee understands that real-time communication via email is a requirement to remain competitive in today’s business landscape. We also know that many users require 24/7 uninterrupted access to email, calendars, and contact information. This is why we are proud to be able to offer an industry leading 100% uptime guarantee. We have invested in the necessary equipment and facilities to be able to bring this service level to you so you don’t have to. Enjoy!

Benefits & Features

Virus and Spam Protection

During 2013, Xobee’s virus and spam filtering systems averaged over 20,000 spam messages and over 200 emails containing viruses and other malicious attacks per day. While typically a paid service for our managed clients, these services are included at no additional cost to our Hosted Exchange subscribers. You can sleep comfortably knowing that your email is delivered clean and without any damaging code, saving your business significantly in the long term.

Unlimited Storage Options

We’ve all been there, needing to retrieve that one email from a year or two ago. With onsite storage, you may be limited to the amount of email you’re able to keep before being forced to delete some. Not so with Xobee’s Hosted Exchange. We offer an enormous 50GB of storage per mailbox. For power users and those needing long retention of email communication, we offer an unlimited archive option for only $5 per month.


Backup and Restore with Ease

Subscribers of Xobee Hosted Exchange are able to restore emails from backups from within Microsoft Outlook without requiring a paid support call. All deleted items, including “permanent delete”, are kept for 30 days. Deleted mailboxes, usually associated with past employees, are kept for 180 days after removal. In addition to these, we also maintain a separate backup infrastructure and disaster recovery sites to ensure your data is always protected.

Core Features


Anti-spam & anti-virus


iPhone auto-setup


Email Archiving


Shared contacts


ActiveSync compatibility


50MB attachments


Send-As permissions


Shared calendar


Outlook Web App (OWA)


Secure encryption


Resource mailboxes


Notes and tasks


Outlook auto-setup


Backup & retrieval


Resource mailboxes


Distribution lists

Hosted Exchange vs In-House Costs

Total Cost

On Premises


Hosted in Xobee’s Cloud


Processing and Storage Hardware $26,800 Included
Primary Exchange Server
Microsoft Exchange licensing included
$9,700 N
Failover Exchange Server
Microsoft Exchange licensing included
$9,700 N
Shared Storage Array
Storage for Exchange databases
$7,400 N
Backup Server, tape library, software $3,800 Included
NAS Backup
Onsite Backups Storage
$2,500 N
Offsite Backup
$125/mo offsite disaster recovery service
$1,500 N
25 user licenses Exchange, anti-spam, Outlook® $4,642 Included
(25) Exchange user CALs $1,925 N
(25) Anti-virus/anti-spam protection
Hardware and licenses
$2,717 N
Operating costs Deployment, administration $43,592 Included
Hosting expenses for 3 Servers
Utilities, bandwidth, rent
$3,000 N
Deployment and installation
Consultant: 100 hours at $90/hr
$9,000 N
Administration costs $3,750 N

Need Some Help Setting up Outlook?

Let us help walk you through setting up Outlook on your phone or computer!


Need help setting up Outlook 2016, Outlook 2013 or Outlook 2010 on your computer? No need to worry, we have you covered.


Sometimes it’s the most beautiful things that give us the most trouble. Here is a quick guide to getting Outlook working on your iPhone or Android device

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